Babel: new magazine all about languages and linguistics

EL Publishing: publishing outlet for free, peer-reviewed journals, multimedia, and monographs on endangered languages

Endangered Languages and Cultures blog: multi-authored blog associated with the PARADISEC archive in Australia [Link: Organizations > Archives TK] mostly by and for linguists, anthropologists, and musicologists involved with endangered language work

Language Documentation & Conservation: free, peer-reviewed online journal of academic papers related to language documentation and revitalization, including reviews of relevant books, software, and equipment

Language Documentation and Description: print, peer-reviewed academic journal of the Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project, publishing papers on the theory and practice of endangered language documentation

Language Hat: long-running blog covering lesser-known languages and linguistic curiosities

Lexicon Valley: popular blog on all things language-related, published multiple times a week by Slate

News from Native California: quarterly magazine focused on the languages, cultures, arts, stories, and movements of California’s Native peoples

Omniglot: language encyclopedia and blog, with a focus on the different writing systems of the world, many themselves endangered

Schwa Fire: long-form journalism about language and life, covering all aspects of speech, language, and communication for a general audience